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Democracy Awareness Möbius ribbon

Democracy Awareness Möbius ribbon

Democracy Awareness Möbius strip ribbon. Some assembly* required.


Make Möbius strip: Print pdf double sided.  Cut flag strips on gold lines. Apply glue or paste on one end. Twist paper strip 1/2 rotation. Join together. 


* Your right to assemble peaceable is protected by the First Amendment.


The inspiration for the American flag Möbius ribbon design is the United States Constitution and its adaptability that allows our country to persevere over the ages by passing amendments for our changing society. The 13 stars represent the original colonies of the Founding Fathers. The 3 stripes represent our 3 branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.  Joining the two sides of the printed strip demonstates the importance of a participatory citizenry to maintain democracy.  The single side of the Möbius ribbon represents the People of the United States.


Learn why a Möbius strip only has one side.

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