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Democracy Awareness ribbon

​The ​Democracy Awareness möbius ribbon is a low effort way for average Americans to support our Democracy. Showing support is as simple as wearing  a ribbon or putting a decal on your car or coffee mug.


The Least you Can Do.

You can wear a free Democracy Awareness mobius ribbon.  You can purchase and eat a Liberty Cookie (All Profits go to support civic education, pro-democracy efforts, and non-profit reporting).  You can put an American Infinity decal on your car to show your support for our democratic experiment.


It's the least you can do.  Doing nothing at all will never strenghen our democracy.


Stars and Stripes Mobius Ribbon

The möbius ribbon has only one side: that of we the people. It is indivisible and cannot be divided into right and left. If you cut it down the middle it will only double in size.


10 seconds can make a Difference

We realize that most Americans have no time to go to protests, knock on doors, or call their Congressmen.  Spend 10 seconds and your support for democracy will resonate and attract others.  Just take action by wearing a ribbon or putting a sticker on your car.  10 seconds will broadcast to our politicians that you are aware.


Democracy at risk.

Most Americans are disappointed with Congress (18% approval rate) and our performance as a democracy (ranked 5th as a "Flawed Democracy" in 2021).  We the People formed our Constitution to hold our leaders accountable, yet gerrymandering lets  incumbents choose their voters to assure reelection.  Minority extremists dominate Congress and block popular legislation with a silent filibuster. Show that you are aware that our Democracy is in crisis.

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Fun for Adults and Kids!

Making a democracy awareness ribbon is a fun arts and crafts project for kids and adults to learn about the 13 colonies and the 3 branches of government that the founders created with our Constitution.

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