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John D. Rose

The Baker's Tale

John Rose is President and founder of Liberty Cookies, Inc., a for-profit corporation supplying cookies and patriotic stickers for fundraisers. 100% of Liberty Cookies' profits go to democratic reforms, civic education, and non-partisan journalism.

Rose graduated with a Humanities and Fine Arts degree in Silicon Valley in 1990 and was hired immediately into High Tech. He was trained in Systems Engineering, Failure Analysis, and Project Management and became a New Product Introduction Planner at Hewlett-Packard's (Agilent) Signal Analysis Division. After advocating for employee discussions to find alternatives to closing the local plant, Rose resigned when Agilent's U.S. manufacturing was offshored.  He reopened a old bakery and enjoyed baking cookies, cakes and danish for the neighborhood.  While the community at the bakery was amazing, the 1950's vintage carousel oven was inefficient and Rose closed the business during the Great Recession. 

Rose reintroduced the Liberty Cookies brand in 2021 when a need for patriotic merchandise and consumer snacks to support our eroding democracy emerged. Today Liberty Cookies, Inc. outsources production of their baked goods, embroidery, and sticker manufacturing to U.S. based companies allowing their focus on promoting Democracy and Liberty.  As part of promoting democracy, Rose wrote and illustrated a political fairy tale poking fun at Congress and prescribing positive changes: If You Give the House a Cookie: How the Squeaker of the House Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Democracy. ISBN 9798987538203.

John Rose founded the Democracy Awareness Project which uses Star Spangled Mobius ribbons as a wearable symbol to raise awareness and fight our nation's cancers of voter apathy, a poorly informed citizenry, and big money's outsized influence on elections. The Democracy Awareness Project encourages voter turnout and civic engagement and Liberty Cookies hosts a News and Civics Quiz and Contest to reward citizens for becoming informed.  Liberty Cookies also provides a financial incentive for individuals to run bake sales and voter registration drives by providing a pro-democracy cookie for sales when home baking is not convenient.  An Affiliate program is available for virtual voter registration drives and activists on social media.
John Rose advocates for a Constitutional Amendment limiting campaign finance. As the proposed amendment is stalled in the Senate due to a filibuster, Rose also calls for reforming the silent filibuster rule to require public debate of opposition to bills. Rose is a champion for labor rights and won a National Labor Relations Case against his offshoring employer Agilent.  The factory was offshored during delays of the NLRB ruling and the penalty was only posting a notice. The regular abuse of labor laws to maximize corporate profits lead to Rose's support for the Pro Act which adds meaningful penalties for labor law violations. The Pro Act is currently filibustered in the dysfunctional Senate.

Rose is glad to utilize his well honed New Product Introduction skills to challenge the status quo and stand up for the promise of our American ideals by implementing the Democracy Awareness Project.  

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