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Press Release: American Infinity Flag displays Patriotism and Unity of USA

February 10, 2021

Liberty Cookies has relaunched their iconic American Infinity Flag magnet with new postcards and bumper stickers allowing patriots to display their faith and love of the United States and the infinite promise of American democracy.

The new ‘We Are United!’ postcards are now available for $.76 at and provide an easy, inexpensive, and eye-catching way to mail a message to friends, neighbors, and Congressmen. All Americans love the flag and believe in the sanctity of our democracy. The postcards can be displayed on windowsills or remailed to further the message of support for Unity.

Our Infinity American Flag magnets and bumper stickers are the ideal way for patriotic individuals to display their faith and love of the United States of America. The slogan “Stars and Stripes Forever” references the official national march of the United States by John Philip Sousa. The American Infinity Flag melds the stars and stripes with the infinity symbol illustrating the unending continuity of the United States.

Mail a ‘#WeAreUnited!’ Postcard to a friend or Congressman with your message of support for America! Magnets, postcards, and cookies available at


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