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  • Why Liberty Cookies PAC?
    A lot of PAC's are inefficient and have high transaction fees and salary overhead. Liberty Cookies uses CrowdPAC for our transactions and does not pay excessive salaries. Other PACs also do not work on change today with presently elected officials. Because Liberty Cookies PAC is not partisan, we are able to determine elected officials that support our positions and are worthy of our support. We allow our currently elected officials the opportunity to support legislation and policies that will determine how the Liberty Cookies PAC will expressly advocate the election or defeat of those candidates based on their performance in office.
  • Liberty Cookies PAC is non-partisan?
    Yes. We support pro-democratic issues that either Republicans, Democrats, or third-party candidates could vote to enact. We work to elect or defeat effective officials from any party that shares our values.
  • What issues does Liberty Cookies PAC support?
    We support the establishment of an 1/6 Commission to investigate the Capitol Insurgency and we oppose any elected official that continues to promote the court-disproven "election fraud" lie that incited the 1/6 violence. We support the "For The People Act" which improves voter access, election integrity, election security, political spending, and ethics for the three branches of government. We support D.C. statehood, because all Americans deserve voting representation in Congress.
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