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A copy of the Constitution is just a piece of paper.  It can sell for $43.2 million to a billionaire, but it doesn't mean the billionaire owns the Constitution.   The Constitution is a living document, an ideal of our democracy that gives power to the People of the United States, not a physical object that can be owned.  ConstitutionalDAO doesn't want to buy a copy of the Constitution, we want to amend it.

From the time of its writing, the Constitution was known to be flawed.  Immediately it was amended to give people certain rights.  It was later amended to give people of other genders and different skin colors those same rights.  Somehow the language of the Constitution was not clear and entities without skin or gender obtained those same rights.  ConstitutionalDAO believes that people with pulses and skin were railroaded by corporations in the courts.  We agree with Supreme Court Justice Stevens' dissent that "Legal entities are not "We the People" for whom our Constitution was established." Stevens argued they should not be given speech protections under the First Amendment. The First Amendment protects individual self-expression, self-realization and the communication of ideas. Corporate spending is the "furthest from the core of political expression" protected by the Constitution.

Proposed Amendments currently in Congress:

Constitutional Amendment to limit spending on elections and overturn Citizens United

Constitutional Amendment to Abolish the Electoral College

  • Direct election of the President and Vice President by a majority of the people.

Constitutional Amendment to Lower the voting age to 16

  • The right of citizens of the United States, who are sixteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied.

Join us at Democracy 2.0 to amend the Constitution for humankind.

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